The Cast of Newton’s Laws of Emotion

at the Hamptons International Film Festival’s Sloan Screenplay Readings


Although he’s a brilliant scientist, Newton is clueless when it comes to women. He’s socially awkward, but his confidence comes to the fore when he speaks about mathematics and physics.

Isaac Newton
played by John Conor Brooke
Sophia Charlotte
played by Natalie Knepp

Although born of royalty, Sophia wants nothing more than to be a scientist. However, because of her gender, she is not allowed membership in the Berlin Academy of Science. She decides to try her luck with the Royal Society, England’s brotherhood of scientists. She heads to London disguised as a man.

Edmund Halley
played by Tom Pelphrey

Halley is a foil to Newton. Where Newton is awkward and average in looks, Halley is dashing and handsome. While not as brilliant as Newton, he is one of only a handful of people who understands how Newton’s fluxions (i.e., calculus) actually works. He is also a spy for the British crown.

Gottfried Leibniz
played by Brian Delate

Leibniz is the president of the Berlin Academy of Science. He’s a scientist, diplomat, and philosopher. Although open-minded, he can’t bring himself to offer Sophia membership to the all-male Academy. He is also Sophia’s lover.

Robert hooke
played by Ned Eisenberg

Hooke is the Curator of Experiments for the Royal Society and Resident Know-It-All. He got to his position at the Society by laying claim to other people’s ideas, including Huygens’.  He has a high opinion of himself and a low opinion of others. He is the King’s personal spy and Halley’s handler.

christiaan Huygens
played by John Deyle

Huygens is Sophia’s childhood tutor and father figure. He accompanies her to London to guide her in her quest to join the Royal Society and to keep her out of trouble. He is a rival of the unscrupulous Hooke.

Christopher Wren
played by Nick Freni

Wren is a founding member and President of the Royal Society. He’s a grandfatherly figure and settles disputes with diplomacy.

Also featuring ...
Alison Edwards as the Narrator
Robert Marlowe as Arthur Storer
Anna Margaret Hollyman as the Barmaid

Screenwriter: Eugene Ramos
Screenplay Reading Director: Jay Anania 
Producer and Casting Director: Amy Devra Gossels
A selection from the Hamptons International Film Festival’s
Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriters' Lab